Step 1 - Contact AcuFysio

Your pain is decreasing your quality of life and you decided to work on your pain with us. We work appointment only, therefore the first step is to contact AcuFysio. You are free to first contact your General Practitioner, however in the Netherlands, AcuFysio can be directly accessed without a doctor referral letter. We are a licensed and official physiotherapy clinic. -more

Step 2 - Appointment Planning

After you contacted AcuFysio, we will do our best to contact you as soon as to plan an appointment. When we contact you we will require some more personal information and we will ask you to fill out a (pre)screening form online. -more

Step 3 - Screening, Diagnosis & Treatment

Your first appointment at the clinic, be on time! To get a clear picture of your pain and the recovery options, a screening is needed to assess whether a physiotherapeutic examination is useful. During the intake, a diagnosis through a personal interview (anamnesis) and physical examination will be done after that a treatment plan will be devised. -more

  •  Be on time
  •  Bring your ID card or passport
  •  Bring your health insurance information
  •  Wear easy-to-wear clothes
  •  Bring your own towel for the treatment session(s)
  •  Referral letter (If applicable)

Take the first step and contact AcuFysio