Step 2 - Appointment Planning

Please feel free to make an appointment online by yourself. For new clients, please make an appointment on Friday (Rotterdam location). Because, only on that day, we have two physiotherapists focused on different aspects will work together to help you with your complaint but with the same price. Or contact us by phone (+31 103 071 771), Whatsapp or WeChat (ID:jiankangyaolai).

After you contacted AcuFysio, we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment and proceed with a screening and intake. We will pick a date and time for your first appointment and we require some more information from you.

When we contact you, we will:

Personal Information

At this step we need more information from you in order to register you as our client We take your privacy serious we store your personal information safely and according to the local regulations. We will ask questions such as your full name, residential address, health insurance and other personal information. Example

What is a (pre)screening and why is it needed?

During a screening it is assed whether a physiotherapeutic examination is useful. If this is the case -or if you have been referred by a medical doctor with a referral letter- our clinician can proceed with the intake. Example screening questions

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