Step 1 - Practical information before planning an appointment 

AcuFysio clinics work by appointment only, that means that the first step is to contact AcuFysio.

We are a licensed and official physiotherapy clinic. AcuFysio can be directly accessed without a doctor referral letter. However, some insurance companies only reimburse the physiotherapy sessions referred by GP. Please check with your health insurance company in advance.

AcuFysio does not have a direct contract with health insurance. You pay first at the clinic and after the payment you receive an invoice that you can claim at your health insurance. Are you using Dutch health insurance?  Then, most often physiotherapy is included in your 'Additional Health Insurance Package'. Please confirm with your health insurance company in advance.

The price for the first session, including screening, diagnosis & treatment is € 90,00 (60 min). The price of a regular follow-up treatment session is € 45,00 (30 min) or complex session € 90,00 (60 min) depending our your custom treatment journey.

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For any urgent requests or questions you can call 010-3071771 during opening hours. When we are not reachable by phone, you can use the contact form or leave us a voice message or contact us via WhatsApp. In all cases we will do our best to contact you as soon as possible!

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